In a time of universal deceit, the people
telling the truth is an evolutionary act.

(adapted from George Orwell)




A global community of big business

 or a global community of people ?

The people decide...


Day 4702:


All the global business states consider is,

who will challenge them, and are they serious.


As we campaign, we will continue to bring -law- into all we do.


You may assume if our website is offline from time, to time, that the U.K Attorney General
who has a track record of illegal state censorship, of our campaign, is involved.
"...When the press backed the war in Iraq, when both sides of the house backed the war in Iraq, Brian stood up to the Government," she says. Pink Dr Martens and 40 arrests notwithstanding, she has an easy-going charm. "And he turned out to be right, didn't he? If you believe in democracy, Brian is what democracy looks like...she and Mr Haw have been dragged to and from police cells and the courts in increasingly complex attempts by the authorities to get rid of them..."


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What is happening in Ukraine, as the violent criminals from Kiev move into Eastern Ukraine, is historical.


Our thoughts are with the incredibly brave people of Eastern Ukraine, who in having lawfully withheld their -consent- to be 'governed' by the multi-billion dollar western backed illegitimate coup in Kiev, are taking a truly historical stand, with their...lives.


not wanted: western...fascism


It is NOT ...'terrorism' to lawfully withhold -consent- to be 'governed'. The rule of law and government are entirely different entities, and the criminals in Kiev are attacking people in Eastern Kiev -because- they cannot get a ruling that people cannot withhold -consent- to be 'governed'.


 "What...terrorists ?" the CIA guy !


barking: Obomber is calling mums...'terrorists'.


shocking: even grannies are falsely accused of being...'terrorists' by racist, fascist nazi thugs, these days.


Western media propagandists, who have through their lack of questioning, maliciously denounced as 'terrorists', people who have the lawful right to withhold -consent- to be governed, are and will continue to be condemned in the strongest possible terms.


It goes without saying that Richard Branson is a disgusting pig, who has zero interest in human rights or genuine campaigns !







This definitive report by Cem Ertur, on the Syrian War, highlights the integral role, the Turkish government play within the alliance of western governments.

The groundbreaking article, sets a new standard in providing the necessary information people want and need.


The article reveals evidence that can be used in a legal challenge, in Europe against NATO, and Turkey.




by Cem Ertur, Axis of Logic 07.04.2014.



“President [Obama] has been clear: Any [military] action that he might decide to take will be a limited and tailored response to ensure that a despot’s brutal and flagrant use of chemical weapons is held accountable.”

[U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, speech at the U.S. State Department, Washington D.C., 30 August 2013] 1

“What matters is to weaken the regime to the point where it gives up power. [...]  What matters is to repeat here the Kosovo [War] precedent. Otherwise, [just] a 24 hours hit-and-run wouldn't work.”

[Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, press remarks at the Victory Day reception, Cankaya presidential residence, Ankara, 30 August 2013]2
On March 16, the third anniversary of the NATO-led covert war on Syria, Syrian army won a landmark victory by taking back the Yabroud town on the Lebanese border.3 Hours later, NATO-backed ‘Al-Nusra Front in Lebanon’ retaliated by launching a false-flag bombing attack in Lebanon.4 On March 18-19, the Israeli army bombarded Syrian Army positions by tank and artillery fire and airstrikes.5  

On March 21, NATO-backed mercenary forces and Turkish Armed Forces launched a massive offensive on the Syrian border town of Kasab in the Latakia province. The unprecedented overt military aggression by Turkey and its NATO allies is the clearest indication of their desperation in the face of Syria’s steady progress towards a decisive victory on all fronts.

This article details the flagrant war crimes committed by Turkey and NATO during the ongoing offensive on Kasab and puts them in a context.




Our old website was hijacked by the British government and transferred in June 2013, to a rather opaque tooth fairy, called Jonathan Mallia, in Malta. That website, which is untruthful, does not reflect, and is not associated with our continuing campaign (refer: background)
Likewise the Wikipedia entry on Brian Haw does not reflect our campaign and was not endorsed by Brian Haw. The Wikipedia entry, mainly comprises mainstream media inventions, that have been added by people we do not know, that mostly just repeat the "official government" lies, about our campaign. Two links that direct to our campaign, have been added with our knowledge to the Wikipedia entry, on Brian, although the "supporters" link on Wikipedia, still goes to the old hijacked website. refer: "It's the Kids Stupid" written by Brian in December 2010, on this website.

" In a time of universal deceit, the people telling the truth is an evolutionary act."


(adapted from George Orwell)