The common denominator in Catalonia and Charlottesville is mercenaries running black-ops targeting and murdering defenceless civilians who oppose Iraq War governments.


... terror attack in catalunya 17 august 2017...


It was Spanish people who forced politicians to pull out of Iraq in 2004 after Aznar lied about who was behind the Madrid bombing, meaning he was lying about everything. The current Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy who was a cheerleader for the Iraq War was a minister in Aznar's government and his successor. The Spanish government have not since then overtly been part of the U.S. led ‘coalition’ bombing Iraq and Syria, instead contributing ‘trainers’ in Iraq and Patriot missiles to Turkey.


The devastating Madrid bombing in 2004 that was obviously intended to bolster the War on Terror war propaganda had the reverse effect.


There is no reason to believe that the current Prime Minister in Spain who supported the Iraq War and was in Aznars government when they lied about the Madrid bombing, is now telling the truth about terror attacks in Catalonia.


... the devastating madrid bombing 11 march 2004 days before the election...


The Americans were already in Afghanistan with their mercenaries who were al-Qaeda before 9/11, so Afghanistan was then just used as a staging ground by soldiers and mercenaries to prepare for the Iraq War.


It was the Iraq War which conclusively proved there is no War on Terror.


... on 12 march 2004 11 million spaniards [population 46.5 million] took to the streets...





When Zapatero who was in the Spanish 'opposition' came to power in Spain he later became a supporter of NATO's war on Libya in 2011, using Vitol terrorist mercenaries like Mahdi al-Harati, who were 're-branded' freedom fighters. The NATO War on Libya preceded Zapatero's Spanish government then being voted down too.


There are quite a few people in the Catalan region from all walks of life, who oppose the war mongering Spanish governments.

In Charlottesville in the United States of Ammo people were led into a trap laid by the usual suspects and their mercenaries in the War on Terror.


The orange wailing wall has overtly installed a pro-Iraq War team cheered on by Putin the Pretender's false opposition in Moscow.




... black-ops mercenaries who incredibly portray themselves as 'victims' over their massacre of defenceless civilians on 18 september 2007 in nisour square, iraq...


General Kelly, Adam Weinstein [Task and Purpose] John Posobiec [25 May 2010 ASIO Assange Wikiwoo etc] Nathan Damigo and Dillon Irizarry/Hopper ['organizers' of Charlottesville 'Confederates' rally] are all either Iraq War veterans and/or involved in the surrounding war propaganda that has always been designed to target defenceless civilians opposed to what is really still a ‘government’ of all political shades in the U.S. when it comes to the Iraq War.



... john posobiec new jersey intel 25 may 2010 asio assange wiki-woo...


Jabba the Bannon just looks ridiculous trying to claim he ever 'built' anything of any consequence by being handed millions from the hedge fund billionaire Mercer to spin algorithms rigging the interconnected elections and money markets.


It just defies all reason for algorithms to perversely portray a multi-billionaire dollar hedge-fund owner !! as opposed to the corporate 'swamp'.


Catalonia in Spain has long been a ‘converso’ corridor for centuries for civilians fleeing back and forth across the border and mountain regions from fascist persecution by royalty and religion including the Spanish Inquisition along with the Nazi, Vichy, Mussolini and Franco regimes etc.



It was a Sicilian, Roger [aka Ruggiero] de Flor [Count of Malta 1285 - 1296] who when thrown out of the Knights Templar and denounced to the Pope, created the Catalan Company [made up of Almogovars who were Christian Iberian peasants impoverished by the Ummayad occupation and endless wars] who took Athens etc.


De Flor was assassinated when 'traditional' European 'rulers' worried about him becoming more popular etc than them. 



Many Catalans must have been fed up with the endless wars and occupations being waged where they lived, which only ever made them poor and subservient to whichever 'ruler' happened to be passing through.


So many wars have been fought by so many different rulers trying to control the Catalonian region for the past... thousand years.


Most people know war propaganda deliberately hides much including governments recruit mercenaries from all walks of life:


... MI5 war propaganda that treats people like idiots, pretending governments don't recruit mercenaries from all walks of life...


The Hatie Hopkins war propaganda clumsily 'sidesteps' that murder is murder, including when governments also arbitrarily 'vote' to murder defenceless civilians in illegal wars, as though they are above the rule of law too.


I don't recall Hatie Hopkins, who will say whatever the Daily Mail pay her to say, ever criticizing the Tories and their Vitol oil terrorist mercenaries like Mahdi al-Harati who were publicly paraded as 'freedom fighters' in Libya etc.


Market Voice: Team Trump's Vitol Oppenheimer and Cohn [March 2017]


... "I will kill to have that system"... it is difficult to work out how ghana have become 'independent' from british 'rule' when vitol [& london based helios linked to albright and soros et al] are being bankrolled by an unprecedented world bank 'loan' to ghana designed to 'guarantee' vitol ripping off resources from the local civilian population...


In the UK, the larger Vitol hid behind the smaller Goldman Sachs to get them to argue a staged tax case in the High Court in 2013, that led to Vitol paying zero taxes.


... vitol who are based in london run mercenaries paid for by the taxpayer, to rip off civilians at home and abroad...


The Spanish government and European Union have also currently locked horns with the Catalan government again, in opposing their holding a referendum over independence from Spain, not the European Union.


That seems all the more curious since no-one opposed referendums in Scotland or Gibraltar, where despite local support for the European Union, they are being forced to leave the European Union because the Westminster job lot lays claims to them.


One of the Catalan government's criticisms of the Spanish government appears to stem from the Spanish government collecting considerably more taxes from Catalonia than they are returning to the region.


It is impossible to link the terror attacks in Catalonia to calls for Catalan independence from Spain because there have been terror attacks elsewhere in Europe where there are no similar public debates about independence.


The Brexit war propaganda which is only about politicians wanting 'independence' from the European Court of Justice in the European Union, do use terror attacks in Europe to relentlessly push their agenda.


It's obviously not a very credible line of reasoning for British politicians to want to exit the European Union because they don't want to be subject to the European Court of Justice themselves.


It remains appalling that murderous attacks on defenceless civilians are used as a public platform for the crocodile tears from royalty, politicians, religions and media barons.